Why the Manifold app is the best CompanyCam alternative:

John Dutton

Looking for the best CompanyCam alternative for contractors? You've come to the right place! The Manifold app is the most cost effective alternative to CompanyCam with all the same features and MORE. In this blog post, we will explore the top differentiators of the Manifold App, including its ability to take 3D scans and automatically create floorplans. Join us as we dive into the remarkable features that make the Manifold App the best choice for contractors looking for job-site documentation and as-built software.

1) Effortless job-site documentation

Both the Manifold app and CompanyCam excel in making job-site documentation a breeze. Simply upload your pictures to the Manifold app and we'll automatically organize them by date, GPS location and team member so that you keep track of all your job-sites effortlessly.

2) Most comprehensive capture of site condition

One way that CompanyCam and the Manifold app differ is that the Manifold app allows users to effortlessly capture the most comprehensive amount of data from a site. Simply use your LiDAR-enabled smartphone to take a 3D scan or auto-generate a floorplan. We'll automatically process the data in the cloud so that you can access your job-site remotely, take measurements from anywhere, and protect your crew with ground truth data. The Manifold app makes reality capture fast and easy so that you can create as-builts in two minutes or less.

3) Scan the real world, automatically generate a floorplan

One of Manifold's most unique features is the ability to scan the real world and automatically generate a floorplan from the data. Stop hiring expensive experts to make architectural drawings for you. You can do it yourself, from your phone, instantly!

4) The Manifold app is more cost effective that CompanyCam

We know the economy is a bit rocky out there, so Manifold is committed to always being the most cost-effective photo documentation app for contractors on the market today. Budget-friendly and high-performing? The Manifold App checks both boxes! The Manifold app offers exceptional value without compromising quality or performance.