What is an as-built record? Plus 6 types of as-builts for the AEC industry

John Dutton

In construction and engineering, accurate documentation and record-keeping are vitally important. And arguably no documentation is as important to AEC as the as-built record. An as-built record provides a detailed account of the final state of a project, reflecting any modifications, deviations, or changes made during the construction process. We're diving into the basics of as-built records, their importance, and  the five most common types of as-built records that are typically used across AEC.

Architectural As-Built Records:
Architectural as-built records focus on capturing the final layout and structure of a building. They include detailed measurements, material specifications, and annotations, and document any changes made to the original design. These records serve as a valuable resource for future renovations, repairs, or expansions. For example, architectural as-built records may indicate modifications made to room dimensions, window placements, or interior finishes.

Engineering As-Built Records:
Engineering as-built records capture the modifications made to the engineering systems within a project. This can include electrical, mechanical, or plumbing systems. These records provide an accurate representation of the final installation, ensuring that future maintenance and repairs can be performed efficiently. Engineering as-built records often include details such as equipment specifications, routing of utility lines, and modifications made during the construction process. Often, reality capture cameras like LiDAR scanners are employed to capture as-built conditions.

Civil As-Built Records:
Civil as-built records are commonly used in infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and utility networks. They document the final alignment, dimensions, and elevations of these structures, including any changes made during the construction phase. Civil as-built records are crucial for ongoing maintenance, repair work, or future expansion of infrastructure systems. These records may include information about road widths, bridge clearances, or utility line depths.

Telecommunication As-Built Records:
Telecommunication as-built records focus on the network infrastructure and cabling within a project. These records document the routing, connectivity, and specifications of telecommunication systems, such as fiber optic cables or data networks. They aid in troubleshooting, upgrades, and ensuring compliance with industry standards. Telecommunication as-built records may provide details on cable routes, connection points, and signal strengths.

Land Survey As-Built Records:
Land survey as-built records are essential for projects that involve land development or property boundaries. These records capture the final positions, elevations, and dimensions of structures in relation to the land. They provide accurate information for property owners, potential buyers, and surveyors in the future. Land survey as-built records may include boundary markers, topographic features, and property lines.

As-built records play a pivotal role in the construction and engineering industries by capturing the final state of a project and any modifications made during the construction process. These records serve as valuable references for maintenance, repairs, renovations, and future expansions. Whether it is architectural, engineering, civil, telecommunication, or land survey as-built records, the goal is to ensure accurate documentation of the project's final state. By maintaining comprehensive and up-to-date as-built records, professionals can streamline project management, minimize errors, and enhance the efficiency of future work on the project.

But now that we know what as-built records are, what's the easiest and most efficient way to create them? 

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