Best CompanyCam alternatives 2023

John Dutton
May 17, 2023

Best CompanyCam alternatives 2023

Visual documentation plays a major role in the construction industry. While CompanyCam has established itself as a leading platform for photo management and collaboration, there are other great alternatives out there to explore. In this blog post, we will dive into the top CompanyCam alternatives, with Manifold app leading the pack at number 1.

  1. Manifold app: Manifold app is a powerful visual documentation platform that offers a number of features that are designed to streamline the capture, organization and collaboration of project photos. Here's why Scan Manifold leads the pack:

a) Amazing Photo Capture Capabilities: Manifold app provides users with an iOS and Android app that allows them to capture high-resolution photos on the fly. Anyone with a LiDAR-enabled iPhone or iPad can also take 3D scans of full environments, allowing users to capture site conditions on the fly and share them with anyone.

b) Automated Image Organization: One of Manifold's coolest features is its intelligent image organization system. Through the use of AI technology, Scan Manifold automatically tags and categorizes photos based on project-specific criteria, eliminating the need for manual sorting. This saves significant time and effort, making it a great tool for big projects.

c) Collaborative Project Management: Manifold app offers incredible collaboration tools. Team members can create and assign tasks, comment on specific images, and share project updates in real-time.

d) Integration Capabilities: Manifold app integrates with a number of industry tools. Whether you're working with project management software, cloud storage platforms, or other construction-related applications, Scan Manifold ensures compatibility and smooth data flow across multiple systems.

  1. Fieldwire: Fieldwire is another popular alternative to CompanyCam that focuses on construction documentation and project management. It allows users to tackle blueprint management, task tracking, and team collaboration. While it may not have the same advanced photo capture capabilities as Scan Manifold, it's great at streamlining construction workflows.
  2. PlanGrid: PlanGrid (part of Autodesk), is a powerful construction management solution that includes photo management and collaboration features. It has an easy interface and great document managing system, andPlanGrid offers easy collaboration among team members.
  3. Procore: Procore is a behemoth platform that streamlines different aspects of project management, including photos. It provides teams with the ability to capture, organize, and share project photos, along with document control, RFIs, and change order management.

While CompanyCam is a recognized leader in visual documentation, it's important to explore alternative options to find the best fit for your needs. Manifold app stands out as a top choice due to its advanced photo capture capabilities, automated image organization, collaborative project management features, and seamless integration capabilities. Fieldwire, PlanGrid, and Procore are also great choices that cater to specific industry requirements.