Introducing: Manifold Timeline, the easiest way to keep track of your job-site, in real time!

Alannah O'Neill
Aug 16, 2022

We are so pumped to introduce the latest feature we're rolling out at Manifold: Photo Sharing!

Forget about loose photos floating around your camera roll: Upload them to Manifold Timeline, where you can store, annotate and effortlessly share with all the most important people on your site.

Each photo automatically gets logged to the right job-site thanks to GPS. Just confirm the address and you’re ready to upload photos, tag colleagues, and highlight problems as they come up.

Save time and energy with a real-time project timeline feed that anyone can access easily. Take pictures directly in the app, mark them up, leave notes and more. Why send a text when you can show your work, in real time?

This is just the latest functionality from Manifold, the MOST in-depth way to build trust with your clients and keep track of your job-site.