Apps like CompanyCam: How Manifold beats CompanyCam's pricing

The economy is looking choppy out there and workers in almost every industry are looking for ways to tighten their belts. Well, contractors, great news: The Manifold app has your backs.

Our team knows what it's like to have to pay close attention to the bottom line, and we feel passionately that we can deliver great value for contractors at a competitive price. We may not have endless dollars to put towards fancy marketing budgets, or super-slick designers to make our app look like it was bankrolled by Apple, but our team has a lot of heart and we are obsessed with making sure we can provide a solid tool for contractors that won't break the bank.

Here's how the Manifold app stacks up against CompanyCam, which, for the record is an amazing product and a leader in the construction industry. But maybe you're looking for an alternative to CompanyCam? Perhaps you're looking for an app that does most of the same things for half the price. That's where Manifold comes in.

1) Free Forever tier

We're pretty confident that you'll find value in the Manifold app, but we want to make sure you can kick the tires. That's why we have a free forever tier that you can use for a team of up to three people. You can keep a real-time project feed, organize your photos automatically by GPS, make PDF reports in the app and annotate your pics. Plus, if you have a phone with LiDAR on it, you can even scan the real world and automatically generate floorplans, no experts required. It's literally free, there's nothing to lose.

2) Pro Package

Got a bigger team? Try out our Pro package, which, at $12 a month, is HALF the price of CompanyCam. You get all the same features from the Free Forever Tier, plus more including our cool Before and After feature and even 3D scans. Our 3D scan feature is incredibly easy to use (it's kind of like a point and shoot game!) and it gives you a 3D record of your site conditions where you can extract tons of valuable data, and, most importantly keep an indisputable record that will protect your crew if something goes sideways.

3) Premium Package

Got a lot of people you want to keep in the loop? Try out our Pro package, which, at $19 a month, is HALF the price of CompanyCam. You get all the features we talked about before, but the scanning capabilities are even better. You can do things like upload a Plan and use it as control coordinates to scan over top of. And if you have integration requests, you get skipped to the front of the line.

Try out Manifold today! We might not be as fancy-looking, or be as gigantic of a team, or have as much money to make slick marketing materials, but we care very deeply about providing a useful tool for our customers. We are a small team, but that makes us nimble, and we can add brand new features at the drop of a hat. Got a feature request, a question or even a complaint? Message us in the app. We'll build it, answer any q's or fix any problems. We're a small but mighty team with a lot of heart.