3 Ways Manifold will make your job run smoother

Alannah O'Neill
Aug 29, 2022

Contractors– we hear you. We know you have a LOT to keep track of. That’s why we designed Manifold to be a one-stop resource for all the best information, straight from the field. Here are the top ways that Manifold can make your life way (way!) easier.

Manifold keep your jobsite info organized

We get it. You’ll snap a photo, and then it gets lost in the abyss of your camera roll. Maybe you’ll text it to someone, but there’s no easy way to keep track of who took the picture, of what, and when.

Until now. Manifold will automatically organize your photos from the field into a timeline view. The date and time and GPS is automatically logged on Manifold Timeline, along with the team member who took the photo. Eliminate confusion, and save time!

Manifold lets you communicate effortlessly

Tag your team, leave notes and even have full conversations, directly in Manifold’s Timeline. Catch problems before they pop up and save yourself hours. Forget chasing someone down over the phone or over text: Keep everyone in the loop.

Manifold gives you the best quality data from your site

You have a super-computer in your pocket, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be getting the best, most actionable data, straight from the field.

With Manifold Scan, you can use the LiDAR in your iPhone Pro device to take full 3D scans and automatically create 360 tours, height maps, floor plans and more. Take accurate measurements, share with everyone, and keep the most comprehensive records of your site.

But don't take our word for it: Download Manifold HERE and see for yourself.