Top CompanyCam Alternative: 3 things you get with the Manifold app that you can't get with CompanyCam

John Dutton

We get it. There are a million apps out there, all promising to revolutionize your processes and save you time and money.  Looking for software like CompanyCam, but that's half the price and gives you more bang for your buck? Look no further, the Manifold app is to the rescue.

The Manifold app is a game-changer for keeping tabs on what's going on at the site. Simply upload your job photos to Manifold, or take a picture in the app, and we'll organize it on a product timeline by GPS so that everyone can keep track of site progress, leave comments, create reports and keep tabs on everything.

But not only that: If you have an iPhone with LiDAR on it, the Manifold app offers you additional superpowers to get data on your site. Here are three things that you can do in Manifold that you can't get with CompanyCam.

1) Take a 3D scan: Want to capture site conditions in a minute or less? Take a 3D scan in Manifold. It's SO easy: We have a gamified interface that teaches you how to scan and get perfect results every time (it's pretty fun!) Once you have that scan, you can take measurements from anywhere (accurate to within half an inch!) Keep a full record of your work. Here's the best part: Ever have a dispute with your customer about damage, timelines or quality? If you have a 3D scan of your job-site, it's impossible to dispute. With a 3D scan, you can capture every inch of the jobsite with precision. It's like havin' an undeniable record of the conditions at the time of your work. No more he-said-she-said or finger-pointing. You have solid visual evidence right there in the palm of your hand.

2) Autogenerate a floorplan: Tired of paying experts to come and make a floor plan of your site? With the Manifold app, you can scan any environment with your phone and automatically generate a floor plan on the spot. You can save the floorplan, send it out to folks, or download it as an svg into design software and edit it to your hearts content. Reality capture has never been so easy (or fast!) 

3) Easy as-builts at the touch of a button: Manifold is a game-changer when it comes to creating easy as-builts. With just a simple touch of a button, you can generate accurate as-built documentation like never before. Gone are the days of spending hours painstakingly measuring, sketching, and jotting down details. Manifold does all the heavy lifting for ya. Just fire up the app, walk through the site, and let it capture all the necessary data. It's like havin' your own personal assistant doin' the work for ya.

Once the scan is complete, Manifold transforms the data into a detailed as-built documentation. It's precise, it's comprehensive, and it's ready to be shared or exported with ease. No more fumbling with paper drawings or outdated CAD software. What's even better is that you can annotate the as-builts right within the app. Add notes, measurements, or mark specific elements.