Free Alternatives to Company Cam: Why Manifold offers a Free Forever Option

John Dutton

Did you know that the Manifold App offers a free-forever Tier to Contractors? That's right! Small teams (less than 3) can access our Free Forever Tier for all their photo documentation needs.

We know that the economy is rough. Interest rates are skyrocketing and everyone is on edge. We also know what its like to be a small (but scrappy!) team. That's why we want to empower small contractors to document their jobs and protect their crews, and do it in a way that doesn't hurt their bottom Iine. We're hoping that if we bet on you while you're small, you'll be more willing to bet on us once you grow, add more team members and scale.

We're a huge fan of CompanyCam, but we also know that they can get pricey (especially as you add more and more and more users.) That's why Manifold offers the same features (plus a few extra fun ones that CompanyCam doesn't have!) And, we're half the cost.

Still not convinced? Book some time and see a demo. Our team is happy to help get you on-boarded, answer any questions, and even build out feature requests.