3 ways you can use the iPhone LiDAR scanner on your job

John Dutton
Feb 6, 2023

We know it can be intimidating: It seems like every few days there's a brand new technology to learn. (What the heck is ChatGPT, right?) But even though it can be overwhelming, the benefits of learning new technology can outweigh the initial discomfort, and can help transform your business. For example, did you know that many of the new iPhone and iPad Pro devices come equipped with a LiDAR scanner? LiDAR (which stands for Light Detection and Ranging) is  type of sensor that uses laser beams to measure distances and create 3D maps of the environment.

But the iPhone LiDAR scanner isn't accurate enough to use on its own. You need a software stack behind it that can improve accuracy and make the data usable for professionals. (That's where the Manifold app comes in!) Download the Manifold app on the app store and it automatically uses the Apple LiDAR scanner to get high quality iPhone LiDAR 3D data. Here are 3 ways you can use iPhone LiDAR 3D data (and the Manifold app) to improve the processes on your job:1) Plan and design your renovations more accurately, and get an understanding of the structure as it is. Use the Apple LiDAR scanner to scan your job-site before you break ground so you have an accurate record of conditions.2) Reduce the need for manual measurements. If you use the Manifold app (which uses the Apple LiDAR scanner) to scan a room, you can measure anything in your scan remotely (and it's accurate to within half an inch!) 3) Identify potential safety or structural issues in your iPhone LiDAR 3D data scan. Send the scan to experts off-site, take a look at conditions from anywhere, and be sure to keep your crew safe and protect yourself from liability.

So what are you waiting for? Start using your iPhone LiDAR 3D data now. Download the Manifold App on the App Store and start scanning!