Best LiDAR app 2024: Make a Floorplan from your phone with Manifold app

John Dutton
Feb 13, 2024

Hey Contractors! Are you still sketching out your floorplans by hand? Did you know there's a faster way? 

Download the Manifold app from the app store. Manifold uses the LiDAR in your phone to help you Scan the real world and automatically generate a floorplan. It takes less than 30 seconds to scan a room and the floorplan generates as you go. You can then take the floorplan and send it to customers, subs or upload it into design software.

Instead of painstakingly measuring every nook and cranny of a job site, contractors can simply use Manifold to scan the area, and voila! A detailed floorplan is automatically generated. This not only speeds up the planning process but also ensures accuracy, as the floorplan reflects the actual dimensions of the site. Plus, it's super convenient – contractors can access the floorplan anytime, anywhere, right from their device. With Manifold's real-world scanning and automatic floorplan generation, contractors can wave goodbye to tedious manual measurements and hello to efficiency and precision.

Try it for FREE on the app store or set up a meeting for a demo HERE.