Best LiDAR app 2024: Manifold for Contractors

John Dutton

Hey contractors! Looking to add LiDAR into your workflows for 2024? You've come to the right place.

What is LiDAR and What is it Used for In Construction?

LiDAR is like a superpower for seeing in 3D. It stands for Light Detection and Ranging. Here's how it works: LiDAR sends out laser beams and measures how long they take to bounce back. By doing this super fast, it creates a detailed map of the environment, including buildings, trees, and the lay of the land.

In construction, LiDAR is a secret weapon. It helps us make super accurate plans of job sites, measure distances, and even detect changes over time. It's also handy for things like making digital models of buildings and monitoring the progress of projects. Basically, LiDAR helps us see the world in a whole new way, and that's why it's being used more and more in Construction.

What does the Manifold app do? 

Manifold makes using LiDAR on construction sites super easy for contractors. Contractors can start to get the benefits of LiDAR without having to spend a bunch of money on a fancy camera and experts to do the scanning for you. Anyone with LiDAR on their iPhone or iPad can scan their jobsite, and we do all the processing in the cloud. Manifold is the MOST accurate LiDAR app and was built especially for contractors.

What can you use the data for? 

LiDAR data is like gold for contractors! It gives you a detailed map of the job site, helping you plan with precision and spot potential problems before they get out of hand. Plus, you can track progress like a pro, making sure everything's on track as your project evolves. You can extract measurements (accurate to within half an inch!)

Is LiDAR useful for estimates?

LiDAR data is incredibly useful when it comes to providing accurate quotes for construction projects. With detailed information about the job site, including the layout of buildings, terrain features, and existing infrastructure, contractors can assess the scope of work more precisely. This means they can give more accurate estimates of the time, materials, and costs involved in completing the project. It's like having a crystal-clear blueprint of the project right from the start, allowing contractors to make informed decisions and provide clients with quotes that are not only competitive but also realistic. Ultimately, using LiDAR data for quotes helps contractors build trust with their clients and sets the stage for a successful project outcome.

Will Manifold help me save money?

LiDAR scans, when paired with Manifold's user-friendly platform, become a powerful tool for contractors to avoid disagreements with customers and save money. By creating detailed 3D maps of job sites, contractors using Manifold can show clients exactly what to expect, preventing arguments over project details. This honesty not only builds trust but also saves contractors time and money previously used to resolve conflicts. With Manifold's easy-to-use system for handling LiDAR data, contractors can confidently provide accurate estimates, resolve costly disputes, and ultimately, save money by completing projects with accuracy and transparency.