How the Apple Vision Pro will impact the Construction Industry

Alannah O'Neill
Jun 5, 2023

Today, Apple unveiled their newest product: The Apple Vision Pro, an augmented reality headset that blends the digital world the real world. Here at Manifold, we’ve always believed that the data is more important than the form factor it takes, and as a spatial-computing company we’ve been waiting impatiently for augmented reality to become consumer-ready. 

Here are 3 ways that the construction industry is going to be impacted by The Apple Vision Pro: 

  1. Virtual Walkthroughs: Scan the real world with Manifold’s iOS reality capture LiDAR system and then conduct a real walkthrough in the Vision Pro to assess site conditions from anywhere. Visualize layouts, identify potential problems and make adjustments remotely.
  2. Safety Training: Take scans of real-world conditions with Manifold and use the Apple Vision Pro to safely reproduce hazardous construction scenarios in AR.  Provide workers with realistic training experiences without any actual risk. They can practice safety procedures and learn how to handle emergency situations more effectively.
  3. Remote collaboration: The Vision Pro will help facilitate remote collaboration among construction teams and stakeholders who may be located in different geographical locations. Through virtual environments, they can meet virtually, review designs, and discuss project details as if they were in the same room, enhancing communication and reducing travel costs.

The Apple Vision Pro will help the construction industry enhance efficiency, improve safety, streamline collaboration, and improve processes. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait to get your hands on it: The Apple Vision Pro won't be available to consumers until early next year.