These construction photos were made all created by AI! (Weird, right?)

Alannah O'Neill
Aug 22, 2022

I'll admit it. Even though I work for a technology company, I'm not the most technical girl. I'm forever thankful that I have a team of nerds around who can help install software, troubleshoot bugs and generally teach me how to do all the things that my 9-year old can effortlessly do on his computer.

When Erik invited me to test out the beta version of OpenAI's Dall-E program, I was blown away. And it was so simple. Here's how it works:

In the search query, you input terms for the type of image you want created by AI. You can even put in your favourite illustrator, and Dall-E will create an image based off of that artist's aesthetic.

Seeing as we are a photo-sharing, 3D scanning company, and we have a lot of customers in residential construction, I figured that would be a great place to start. My husband loves Jack Kirby, the comic book artist known for illustrating Marvel and DC comics, so I used Kirby as a reference to see if I could stump Dall-E. This is what my search term looked like:

Then I clicked "Generate." And in seconds, this is what appeared:

But Dall-E doesn't just do illustrations. It can also generate hyper-realistic images from super-specific queries.

The program is still in beta and you can find out more information about OpenAI's Dall-E here.

Finding images for blog posts just got easier!

PSST-- Check out my favourite construction blog Joe Blows It. He's an influencer we work with a lot at Manifold and he never fails to make me laugh with a good old fashioned construction meme.