How To Generate New Business as a Contractor

Alannah O'Neill
Oct 17, 2022

Contractors, need to generate some new leads? Maybe your business is in its first year, or maybe you’re running into a slowdown cause the economy is going down the drain. Either way–you need to generate new business, fast! Here are some ways to do it.

Create an online presence

The most basic thing you can do is create a website, or even an Instagram/ Facebook page where you can show off your work. Take pictures of your jobs, get testimonials from past customers (or even friends and family) and show people you’re trustworthy.

Knock on doors

Ok, it’s not glamorous, but door knocking is a great way to generate new business as a contractor. Pick a neighborhood and get to work.

Network with other contractors

Call around to other contractors in the area and offer to be a sub. The more work you complete with satisfied customers, the more you will be recommended, the more jobs will start pouring in. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for booking new clients.

Be careful with home service listing websites

We’ve heard some horror stories about home service listing websites that charge a lot for leads but only result in people looking for free estimates. Ask around before you pay for services that might not convert. Local Facebook groups are a great place for advice on listing websites like Angie’s List.